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About us

Can you tell me about 3C-Life?

Welcome to 3C-Life!

Founded in 2008 by Albert Su, is a leading online retailer located in Chengdu, China, specializing in selling 3C products and many other products. We aim to provide Serve customers with high quality products at competitive prices and meet the clear needs of customers.

Our customers may come from all over the world with different languages, traditions and lifestyles. But they are included on our website Thousands of customers connect via social media everyday, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, to discuss everything in 3C-Life. We are proud to have many customers involved with us and we welcome new customers to join. With us all the time

Suggestions are always offered by our customer service team. (And very modern!) We will give you honest opinions for questions about suitability and different styles. Not just solve the problem But also increase your shopping experience

At 3C-Life, we are aware that only high quality products will bring our customers back. Therefore, our production team is always selected and the products must go through rigorous inspections to ensure they are certified products every time they deliver.

We thank you for your comments and suggestions and believe that it is important to ensure that we grow and develop. You can find us through the 3C-Life Help Center.

3C-Life has a set of values ​​that sets us apart from other companies. Here are the four core values ​​we operate by:

1. Customers always come first

2. Creating a good environment for 3C-Life employees will help improve our customers' shopping experience.

3. Be reliable, honest and always open

4. Encourage customers to be themselves and buy products that they will love.

We look forward to having a fun shopping time at 3C-Life!